Do you have a dream of the woman you want to be?

Are you too busy or confused to do it alone?

Chaya Hinda is here for you!

Think Positive! is a life-changing Torah program combining classes, step-by-step private coaching sessions with Chaya Hinda and state-of-the-art life tools to help you become the woman you want to be.


New Think Positive! Teleconference begins the week of November 20

2 live weekly sessions of one hour each, plus an extra 15 minutes for questions at the end. Mondays and Wednesdays, 12 noon U.S. time (all sessions are recorded and accessible by phone and via links)

What you'll get out of it

  • The basics of Emunah and Bitachon - a Jewish approach to life

  • Happiness despite challenges

  • Peace of Mind

  • Tools for Life

  • Incredible Positive Changes

  • Closeness to Hashem​

What you get

  • The life-changing first 8 weeks of the Think Positive! series

  • 4 Guided Imagery tracks

  • Worksheet review class included

  • Personal step-by-step coaching sessions by phone with Chaya Hinda

    (Individually scheduled multiple appointments)

  • Support and guidance with Chaya Hinda via email

  • Listen on-line, via telephone or download class from an email link

  • Downloads are compatible with handheld devices

Dear Friends,
Chaya Hinda Allen is one in a million!  She’s an expert at delivering fantastic content, and also a warm and wonderful person who embodies what she teaches.

Chaya Hinda’s warmth and sincerity, her caring and humor, her authenticity, her vast knowledge of Torah and human nature, and even her lovely English voice make this a program I’m recommending to all my friends. It can transform anyone’s life for the better. 

I only wish I had taken the course years ago!

Rachel Berg
Monsey, NY

For more information call Devorah

US: 786-233-7213 (Israel Time) Israel: 052-760-0093

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Think Positive!

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