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Dear Chaya Hinda,

Over the year since I finished taking the Think Positive! course, I've continued to listen to the guided imagery tracks and classes, again and again. 

This systemized manner of learning that builds on itself from one lesson to the next is a unique way to grasp and retain information.  I have been able to incorporate what we learned in a much more meaningful and practical way than I would have from listening to individual shiurim.  The content as well as the method keeps me re-listening and practicing the tools we learned in class.  They have raised my awareness of hashgachah pratit, of Hashem's guidance of my life, and of my relationships with others, in a highly positive way. 

May Hashem continue to give you siyata d’Shmaya in helping Jewish women around the world.

With gratitude,
Rivka A. Levron, MD, PhD

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"It happened to me!" - Personal Stories

Powerful, life-changing tools!

I used to be very nervous, always thinking negatively, “What will be….” Thanks to you, I’m a different person now. The Guided Imageries in particular have changed me. They are so powerful! If I feel stressed and am ready to let it out on somebody, especially somebody close, I go to my room and do…

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A Real “WOW” Story

Hi Chaya Hinda, I have a real “wow” story for you today. The company I work for deposits my salary in my account every month, and I usually take it out on the 9th or 10th of the month. Last month, my brother flew me to the U.S. for his daughter’s wedding, and I got back…

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May you continuously see the fruits of your labor

Dear Chaya Hinda, Your program is so amazing! May you continuously see the fruits of your labor, relishing all success stories. It’s thrilling for me to see some of my friends who are taking the course now “growing so tall,” so it must be a truly amazing experience for you throughout. Lots of nachas! I…

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Cool as a Cucumber

Dear Chaya Hinda, I just landed after a 12-hour flight that was delayed for seven hours! After three hours of sitting on the tarmac, we actually had to get off the plane, due to the really bad weather. Anyway, baruch Hashem we just landed, and you know what?  I was as cool as a cucumber…

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I just want to take the time to express my deep appreciation to you.

Dear Chaya Hinda, I just want to take the time to express my deep appreciation to you. You probably don’t know me. I don’t know you, either. I know a little about you from checking out your website, and hearing a little about you in my home, where I’ve seen your magnets and posters. So…

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A little story

Chaya Hinda, I want to share  a little story, to thank you: About a month ago, maybe a week before my son’s bar mitzvah, I had a doctor’s appointment to check out an ongoing issue. The doctor didn’t see anything with that issue, but while I was there she she noticed something else and wanted to…

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Just before Pesach

Hello, Chaya Hinda. I want to share with you an amazing story. Just before Pesach I was putting my linen in my bedroom, when I stopped and looked at it. Then I realized that the time had come to throw it out!  It was really old and even ragged. The truth is that I didn’t…

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Call from a friend who did your program

Chaya Hinda, I just got a call from a friend who is one of your dedicated students.  She said that she had an amazing story to tell me. It seems that they have had many bank loans for years, and they have been slowly paying them off over time.  Sometimes their financial situation is worse,…

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Medical Emergency

Last week, a piece of glass cut a tendon in my hand and I needed immediate surgery. The doctor offered me the option of local or general anesthetic, and explained the risks of both. I opted for local anesthesia together with your meditation technique. I used the Guided Imagery track to reduce fear and stress.…

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It’s not really possible

To a very dear and special mentor (Rebbetzin) Chaya Hinda Allen   It’s not really possible, but let me try my best…   Thank you, thank you, thank you, again and again, a thousand time over, and it’ll never be enough to adequately show appreciation for the myriad treasure troves of concepts and ideas you have enlightened…

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